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Paramedics stabbed video

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Paramedics stabbed video

A man has been Tasered after two paramedics were stabbed in an incident described by an eyewitness as being "like something off the TV". W est Midlands Police said they arrested a man after ...The video will auto-play soon 8 Cancel. Play now. ... Two paramedics who were allegedly stabbed while on duty in Wolverhampton appeared on popular TV show Inside the Ambulance, it has been ...

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Some 84 per cent of the state's paramedics, or 4,637 people, have received at least one dose of the vaccine, with 68.4 per cent receiving two doses. The figure for all Ambulance Victoria workers was 4.3 per cent, or 292 employees, declining to be vaccinated. Of all Ambulance Victoria staff, 67 per cent or 4,531 people have received two doses of ...A man has been arrested after two paramedics were stabbed in Wolverhampton. West Midlands Police said the incident, in which police Tasered a man, happened at a property on a residential street. The paramedics, one male and one female, were treated at the scene and taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. They are in a stable condition.