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Bts reaction to you squishing their cheeks

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Bts reaction to you squishing their cheeks

Bts reaction to you hiding your face in their chest ↓. The company you were with called your cell phone and thinking it was nothing important, you let Jin answer. Aug 11, 2016 · Yoongi: You woke up before Yoongi and planned on getting up to have a shower before he did, as he always took super long in the shower.

BTS When You Eat A Lot. Ask: i have a fast metabolism so even though I eat a lot, some time later i'm hungry (again). and since I love food in itself (and I'm also tol and and slim) i was wondering what kind of reactions would the boys have with a crush/s.o like that? like they appear very average and all but when foid comes and they devour everything and still say they're not full, like ...

He would ask for you permission first, to get sure but as you just nodded there was no way back. He leaned in to kiss you and at this moment he would lose all his coolness and turn pretty shy as he was crushing on you for a long time now. Afterwards he would try to suppress a childish smile, knowing that everyone had their eyes fixed on you.This isn't bias, it's just a lack of familiarity and understanding. A new person's tone is hard to gauge and could sound like hostility when it's really just someone trying to make sure we hear their voice over the crowd. Yes, there are trolls and others who act in bad faith. They're pretty easy to spot and block.