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Cz 557 eclipse 308 review

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Cz 557 eclipse 308 review

CZ 557. CZ's 557 has a short extractor and plunger-style ejector for smooth operation and a receiver machined from steel billet. 19mm dovetails for scope mounting are included, and other features include a two-position safety, detachable box magazine, fully adjustable trigger, and a cold-hammer-forged and factory-lapped barrel. The 557 ...

My Remington .308 rifles are late eighties and late nineties vintage and both are very accurate , the newer one though did have a bedding problem that once fixed shot very well . I have a Savage 110 and an Axis along with a CZ but they are all chambered in .223 , out of the pack of them the CZ is the least of a problem .CZ-USA's newest entry to their long-standing 577 line is the 577 Eclipse. A new bolt gun with a synthetic stock, chambered in .308, 30-06 and 6.5 CM CZ-USA have aimed to make the rifle more affordable with an MSRP of $659. CZ-USA have put out a short video explaining the Eclipse's features:

CZ 557 Eclipse 308 win Price 890.00 euros ARMY SHOP Vuk Karadzic Street no Blinds Pvc Carpentry Podgorica The street behind the HILTON hotel.. Tel 081 068 555