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Most powerful 2 stroke engine

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Most powerful 2 stroke engine

Attention to these parts is probably the most important of all, and many strange disappearances of power in a two-stroke engine are attributable to these components. A thick coating of soot will form inside the exhaust pipes, which must be thoroughly cleaned, and the same attention should be paid to the expansion chamber.

The DF350 is a 4.4 liter V6, DOHC 24 valve engine. It has sensors to optimize efficiency, comes in 25", and 30" shaft length and weighs in at a reasonable 727 Lbs. Reasonable being relative, compared to the other 350+ HP engines. The gear ratio is 2.29:1, which is insanely low.

Overview. The Detroit Diesel Series 110 is a two-stroke cycle Diesel engine series, available in straight-6 cylinder configuration (in keeping with the standard Detroit Diesel practice at the time, engines were referred to using a concatenation of the number of cylinders and the displacement, so this was a model 6-110).