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Natsu fangirls fanfiction

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Natsu fangirls fanfiction

On her daily run from fangirls, (Y/N) (L/N), the famous girl in the Sorcerer's Weekly, bumps into Natsu Dragneel. The girl takes an interest in this dragon slayer, but who knows if they'll meet again? Bidding their goodbyes and more running from fangirls, (Y/N) is sure to have the adventure

Natsu said, only to arrive on a different scene than they had hoped for. standing in the center of a crowd of fangirls was a tall and slim man, standing at 5'10" with mildly short, spiky blue hair jutting outwards, with a long fringe left hanging over the upper left part of his face.

Fanfiction. This is the story of the Magma Dragon Slayer who joined Fairy Tail! ... When we got there we pushed through the crowd of Fangirls around him. Natsu: Igneel it's me!! But when we got to the middle all we saw were two guys, one with blue hair, and one with purple.