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Proportional cake cutting

David Gale (Math Intell 15:48-52, 1993) was perhaps the first to suggest that there is a difference between cake and pie cutting. A cake can be viewed as a rectangle valued along its horizontal axis, and a pie as a disk valued along its circumference.

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The flowers can be carefully lifted off in one piece when you cut the cake. Please give us a call and enquire 09 528 2528 Contactless Pick-ups & online Deliveries open on Thursday 23rd Sept from 12.00pm – 3.30pm Monday – Saturday 10am – 3.30pm CLOSED ON SUNDAY cake-cutting , not-obvious manipulability , prior-free mechanismdesign Abstract: In cake-cutting, strategy-proofness is a very costly requirement in terms of fairness: for n = 2 it implies a dictatorial allocation, whereas for n ≥ 3 it requires that one agent receives no cake.