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What makes a good manager pdf

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What makes a good manager pdf

A manager is a person who is responsible for a part of a company, i.e., they 'manage' the company.Managers may be in charge of a department and the people who work in it. In some cases, the manager is in charge of the whole business. For example, a 'restaurant manager' is in charge of the whole restaurant.

This is a good option if you have a somewhat all-over-the-place work history and want to tie everything together neatly. Who it's good for: Career changers whose work experiences may not appear to be relevant and people with an abundance of temporary jobs or gaps in their work histories. Download an Example Functional Resume for a Project Manager

Describing good performance When developing a performance plan it is important that your description of what good performance looks like is clear and specific. Doing this will provide a solid basis for feedback and assessing performance. Why not apply a SMART approach to describing good work performance? Principle What it means Things to discuss